About The Author


Picture 091I wasn’t born to be a writer. There was no Eureka moment or great epiphany that announced my entry into writer-hood. My life has been shaped by a series of unique experiences that have helped to develop my creativity, stamina and wit along with a deep passion to spin cutting-edge and believable stories.

• I worked for the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee during President Nixon’s impeachment proceeding alongside Hillary Rodham.
• I was a law school classmate of serial killer Ted Bundy.
• I played tennis with Robert Redford – twice!
• I completed a solo swim of the length of Lake Tahoe (21 miles) and the Bridge-to Bridge-to-Bridge (31 miles) swim in San Francisco Bay.
• I sat across the table from Arnold Palmer while negotiating the design for a new golf course in La Quinta, California.


After graduating from Bucknell University, I spent two years working in the Capitol Hill chambers of Washington DC. That experience led me to the University oAvid Reader 002f Utah College of Law where I earned my JD. I started my full-time career as a real estate executive with national real estate development companies.  I focused on all phases of real estate development, finance, credit analysis, real property law and marketing. I took those skills and started my own business, Farallon Pacific Partners, where the primary objective was to provide professional services to national and institutional clients, each desiring to maximize their financial results through the proper utilization of their real estate assets.

My emergence as a writer is how I happened to meet my wife, Kristen. Within weeks after we first met, we asked each other, “What would you like to accomplish that you have not yet accomplished?” It turned out we both shared a secret desire to write a novel. Without any idea as to what we were doing, we Snake Riverplunged into writing a novel, getting to know each – we fell in love and were married.

As so often happens, life events intervened and we put the book in a box with the idea of getting back to it, eventually. Eventually happened 17 years later when I picked up the old dirt stained box and after reading through the story, I was hooked -again. It tugged at me, “come finish me…come finish me…” I found a way to get the dinosaur flTrekking to Mount Blancoppy disks converted over to modern technology and I began the whole process all over. Together, we had written about a third of the story and we had outlined parts of the rest. I took what we had done and spent the next twelve months writing, polishing, researching and writing. During that twelve month stretch, I knew that I had found a part of me that needed to be set loose. Wings to Redemption was the start of my new career as a writer of faction, where fiction borders on the edge of reality.